Success Story Success Story Rig Ocean - Leading Marine Equipment Supplier Singapore was once a sleepy fishing hub. Today, this tiny island is a  cosmopolitan hub for shipping, home to over 4000 maritime companies,  providing a broad range of services, employing over 100,000 people and  contributing some 7% of Singapore’s GDP -- and Rig Ocean (1988) Pte Ltd  is one of the prime movers behind this astounding advent to success.  One of the oldest in the industry around, Rig Ocean has been feeding the  maritime hub with support since more than three decades ago in year 1977  – known as Rig Ocean Industrial & Trading Co then -- and incorporated in  year 1988. A three-partner enterprise before, it is now run cohesively by the fervent duo of Mr Ang Khoon Eng and Mr Ng Chong Chi who were ex-  colleagues for a decade long in the same company previously.  “Being adequately equipped in this line from the previous working  experience, we feel the need to break free from a stifling job routine and be  our own bosses”, recalled the partners who have so much passion in life  that they would not surrender to the catching up of age. Rig Ocean (1988) Pte Ltd specializes in the supplying of marine  equipments and general constructions, such as ships’ mast shrouds,  guy ropes, towing bridles, cargo nets, slings and deck and engine.  With a comprehensive range of solutions for its customers, the  company is putting Singapore in a global competitive position with an  extra technological edge.  The success of the company is a true story of rags to riches, despite  the humblest backgrounds. An odd job labourer to supplement a  modest family background, Mr Ang recalled, “I was selling ice-cream  back in those days when I carried buckets on my back”. Those days were over. The striving partners have big plans in the  pipeline, aspiring to take their business to the Asia region. But before  this, they want to expand their local operations to accommodate the  increase in business dealings.   “Do not let youth slip away, make mistakes, learn, and then grow up”.